Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Vacation Update

Day four of my vacation has me worn out! We hiked three trails today at Zion. We took some great pictures, but haven't downloaded them yet. Here are a few from yesterday and Monday. At the beginning of the week we went to Las Vegas and stayed at Circus Circus (Yuck! We won't do that again). Here is picture we took of the fountains infront of the Bellagio. I told Scott that if he ever wanted to surprise me with a really nice anniversary trip, he could take me there. I absolutely fell in love with it.

This next picture is a panoramic. It was taken on the balcony of our hotel room in Springdale.

I have been getting a lot of knitting done. But with all the great scenery, I haven't been motivated to take any pictures of it. I am about 3/4 done with my spectrum project and about 1/2 through the back of Bobble Blue. Talk to you later (if I get time and have Internet access!)


Jennifer said...

Oh, that panorama is so beautiful. As for Circus, Circus... yeah, that place is a dump.

Carrie K said...


They'd just demolished whatever was there before the Bellagio was built the last time I was in Vegas. I've always wanted to see it.

Have fun! Lots of knitting done, eh?

Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing them with those of us at home.

Enjoy your vacation and knitting...and try to get at least a little rest.


Katie said...

Gorgeous view. Sounds awesome, have lots of fun!! Just keeping knitting--can't wait to see your WIPs when you get back home!

ttbookjunkie said...

Sounds like an awesome vaction. I agree Circus Circus is a dump.

Amanda :)

Paula said...

Oh wow! What a beautiful place!