Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Hi from Zion

I am staying near Zion National Park and I have Internet access. Here is a picture of me in Bristow. I finished it just in time for my trip. My husband took this picture in Zion.

I'll try to post a few more pictures throughout the week. We spent the first few days of the trip in Las Vegas, we are now in Zion, and we plan to go to Bryce Canyon as well (except I just saw on the news that it is -12 degrees there) . I am getting lots of knitting done and I finally have a chance to wear some of my finished objects!


Jennifer said...

Bristow is gorgeous! I wasn't sure about that pattern, but now seeing it knit up? Fabulous.

Zion looks beautiful this time of year. We went during the full heat of the summer. It looks lovely with the snow.

Paula said...

Your Bristow came out just beautiful! Oh, isn't Zion Park just wonderful? It is so pretty there! Have a fun vacation!

P.S. I really liked your poem, I haven't heard that one before.