Friday, February 17, 2006

Adventures in Pound Cake II

A few weeks ago, I chronicled the creation of some poppy seed pound cakes. I know you have been anxiously awaiting the sequel to this first gripping adventure. Making a second variation pound cake proved a little faster than the last. I guess the practice is making me more familiar with the process. This recipe was for a basic pound cake that included three types of ginger: ground, crystallized, and fresh. Although it sounds like a little much, it bakes up mildly spicey and delicious!

Here are a few shots of the butter creaming process. I whip the butter and sugar for three minutes total, until the mixture is fluffly and cream-colored.

Here are my finished pound cakes. My hubby loves them.

Next time it will be lemon pound cake. I know the anticipation is unbearable.


chittavrtti said...

Thank you for providing my dessert this evening. I must stop by your lovely cafe again soon :) The baking looks like fun!***CV

Amy Lu said...

Oh my goodness, that poundcake looks devine!