Sunday, January 29, 2006

Pink Skies, Hats, and Mitts

Last night, we had a beautiful sunset. This is a digital shot that my hubby took in our front yard. I think it is beautiful how the sky fades from blue, to violet, to coral. I just might use it as inspiration for a project.

I have finished my Knit Flat Hat and Mitts. They match the sky. Pink is one of my favorite colors, especially to wear.

Also, I finished my Sniper Cozie for Mrs. Dalloway. I liked the book; however, it is not one that I would have chosen to read on my own. I am so glad that I found Knit the Classics. I really need to read a wide variety of books, both for my job as an English teacher, and my personal enjoyment. Because I have to read so much for school, sometimes I find myself reading the same books over and over, with no time for any others. I am looking forward to the February's, Woman on the Edge of Time. Unfortunately, I am a little behind on my school reading. I need to finish Benito Cereno in two days, so I can't start Marge Piercy until after I finish Melville.


ttbookjunkie said...

I love your pink sky, what a beautiful picture.


Katie said...

beautiful picture. i also really like your hat and gloves. that's really cool! I'm trying to design some flat mittens, and this gives me some inspiration!