Sunday, February 05, 2006

Weekend Rock Crawling

I have decided to knit Swamp Witch as my project for Woman on the Edge of Time. It is also my Knitting Olympics project. In order to make my project a little more challenging I am going to knit it using the English method. I am a continental knitter and the large size 35 inch needles will be very awkward, flapping away, so learning to knit English will add a little challenge and will be helpful with those project, like this one, where contintental just doesn't work. I also plan to knit it only while watching the Olympics--no knitting it in the car, or watching movies, etc.

I went Jeeping this weekend and it was very relaxing. Jeeping is one of my hobbies, but I haven't done it in awhile. We are helping some other Jeepers from San Antonio Jeep Exclusive get ready for the Jeep Jamoree that is in about a month. We mapped out trails and hung markers. The guys even moved a giant boulder with a hydraulic jack (which was really quite pointless). We joined Austin Jeep Exclusive while we were there, so there should be some more Jeeping soon, a little closer to home.

I got a lot done on Bristow by the way. I have about 1/2 a sleeve to go!

Our Jeep


Stephanie said...

So what yarn are you using?? I can't wait to see it.

You have set yourself a good challenge. I HATE big needles - they hurt my hands but now that I think about it English style knitting might turn out to be easier on big needles. Let us know what you think.

ttbookjunkie said...

I was looking at bloglines and my husband saw your Jeep and he tells me "Hey, we have those same tires!"

Swamp witch is an awesome looking project, cannot wait to see how it comes out.

Good Luck Jeeping!

Paula said...

OMG! I used to love jeeping with my Dad and Sisters! Haven't been in twenty years! Going off roading in the mountains in California used to freak my Mom out and me too a little. Oh what great memories!