Sunday, May 28, 2006

Stash Sunday

I've had to put my Labyrinth Rug on hold until I build up my stash of worsted part-skeins. I am running out of color options for it. This week I worked on my Amazing Lace (red) project and my KTC (violet) project. Both are a part of my de-stashing efforts. For Amazing Lace I am knitting the Isis Wrap. This is a fun pattern that I think I will wear quite a bit; however, the pattern assumes quite a bit of knitting knowlede, leaving to figure out much for yourself...which is okay I guess, but I hadn't anticiapated it and had to start over. The KTC project is the Minisweater from Glampyre. I am working on the edging and each little point requires me to break the yarn and re-attach it, so it is moving along slowly. Posted by Picasa

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Pooch said...

You've chosen lovely projects for your destashing! The edging will be a beautiful finishing touch once you get through the process!