Sunday, April 16, 2006

Stash Sunday--Week 3

My stash hasn't diminished much this week. But I am happy to report that it hasn't grown--oops--except for one thing. I received a box full of Wool-Ease in the mail from the nice gals at Anti-Craft ! I was on Team Angstvania in the Knitting Plympics and won the yarn in a drawing for having completed Swamp Witch. My prize was 4 skeins of Cranberry and 4 skeins of Oxford Grey, along with 3 really cool stickers. I have great plans for this yarn and the colors fit well into my wardrobe. I guess this technically doesn't count for the Stash-a-long, since I didn't break any of my rules: I didn't go out and purchase the yarn. It, innocently, came to me.

My stash project, The Spiral Bag, isn't going very well. I just don't like how it is turned out. This is one of my frustrations with stash busting. When I just have odds and ends skeins, it seems difficult to make them into worthy knitted items. I tried to make due with this one, by doubling my yarn and turn my one worsted skein into bulky, since this is what the pattern called for. Although this might work with some yarns and patterns, I am not happy with it here. I ran out of yarn and the stiches look messy.

Most of my stash consists of a these skeins of yarn left over from previous projects. I think I will concentrate less on those skeins and more on the skeins that I have more of. I still need to finish the Best Friend Jacket and knit something out of my 7 skeins of Svale.

I am working on a cupcake from One Skein. It is almost done and really cute! I am going to sew some "sprinkles" on it in the form of seed beads. I might just make a lot more of these. This pattern might prove to be a great stash-buster. There may be hope for my stash yet!

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Jennifer said...

With the partial skeins of yarn that I have, I always end up donating them to the people in my community that do charity knitting. If it's feltable I'll usually keep it, but I don't know about you, I'm usually done with a yarn after knitting with it.