Sunday, April 02, 2006

Stash Sunday--Week 1

Image hosting by Photobucket I will report on my dwindling yarn stash on Sundays during the Stash-a-long. I am getting a little destracted by all the going-ons in blog land and feel the need to focus just a bit. I am excited about using some of the odds and ends of yarn that I have around here. I am also knitting in the One Skein KAL. And these two KALs fit perfectly together. My first destash project is my Life of Pi project for KTC , as well as an orange project for April's Project Spectrum. I made a tiger tweed pencil tote for my sketching pencils. This little bag is, of course, inspired by Richard Parker. There is a portion of the book in which Pi reports that he kept a journal of his experiences at sea, when possible. It would have been nice if Pi had some journaling supplies with him. Moreover, since I use my pencils for a nature journal/sketch diary, I thought it was fitting to the book as well. Pi, a naturalist at heart, is forced to eat the creatures of the sea to survive. This grieves him greatly, for he considers each animal a creation of God and even prays the first fish that he killed with his bare hands. This tiger tweed bag is for Pi and his love for God's creatures. Image hosting by Photobucket I have begun another destash project for Moll Flanders. This is an interesting book, because the reader cannot be sure if Moll is a reliable narrator. She seems forced into her debauchery by her circumstances, gender, social standing, and bad luck. But always at the back of my mind I wonder if she is, infact, spinning the tale in order to make excuses for herself. Her ultimate goals seem to be money and vainity. So I am making her a green coin purse. This pattern comes from the book One Skein and the yarn is Cotton Fleece in the color, Mint Condition! Can you believe that? I am learning to have faith in my yarn stash. Image hosting by Photobucket Another destash project has been a thorn in my side for over a year now. I bought 7 skeins of Cascacde Pastaza from Kaleidoscope Yarns last year after the Tsunami. A great deal of the profits went to the Red Cross, but this yarn was not cheap. I knitted a red pullover. The pattern was from Knitting for Dummies. But, alas, I made the pullover too small. And although it didn't look bad, the sweater was incredibly scratchy due to its high lama content. It fit too close for comfort, so I frogged it. I decided to knit the Best Friend Jacket from The Knit Stitch. I thought I could finish this for March's Project Spectrum, but this did not work either. I am half a sleeve away from completion, so I still am knitting a way. I hope this has a happy ending. This yarn is beautiful and really does deserve to be a great sweater! Image hosting by Photobucket


Jennifer said...

I love the Pi pencil pouch. It's perfect for the book. I like your idea of Stashalong Sunday. I think I may follow your example!

Carrie K said...

Clever idea for Moll Flanders too.

That best friend jacket looks cute! It should work much better as a jacket. It's pretty.

Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

Great knitting projects and progress! I'm impressed. : )

Great idea for Moll Flanders.

Have a wonderful week!