Friday, March 16, 2012

Back on Blogger

Since Mac's move to iCloud is putting an end to my my iWeb blog, I am back on blogger. It is crazy how much life has changed since I posted last on this page. Please be patient, as I am updating the layout and trying to customize everything. Scott and I took a recent trip to Hot Springs. We only spent two days there, but had a blast. Scott's favorite part of the trip was our ride on the Duck Boat. Last year, or even six months ago, I wouldn't have dreamed of taking him on Duck Boat ride, but it is now a non-issue. He has no idea how far he's come, since his memory is still partially affected by the TBI. We stayed at the Park Hotel, about a block from downtown Hot Springs and directly between the two hills that form the national park. The Hilton it is was not. Park Hotel is historic hotel and has a beautiful lobby, but the rooms were Spartan. I wouldn't recommend staying there if you want luxury and comfort. But we will probably return. It is a dog friendly hotel, and its location offers easy access to the many trails around the national park.
We both had a lot of fun. We went on numerous hikes, so much my legs and hips ached the next day. Scott kept up perfectly. I no longer have to wait for him as he lags behind. His endurance seems normal and his sense of adventure has returned. We can now return to one of our favorite hobbies--hiking. I am mulling over all kinds of plans for the summer, all the miles of trails we will hike in beautiful locations with our pups.
I say this over and over, but Scott continues to improve with each passing week. He will always have some issues to deal with. And new issues arise as improvement continues, but I can't complain. So, if you don't mind his asking the same question over and over and can tolerate his occassional lack of etiquette, he's pretty much "okay". But I notice that some are uncomfortable around this new Scott. I assure you the he's the same guy, but he goes about being himself a bit differently than before. And remember that he is a fairly rapid state of improvement. What you see today, will not be what you see a month or two down the road. He is like a child, somewhat, as he has to relearn things that he lost when he brain had to reboot. But some people are just more uncomfortable with the differences than others. It continues to be something I worry about, friendships have always been important to Scott. But there is not much I can do about it. And increased distance between us and long time friends, makes it more difficult. Scott doesn't seem bored or depressed though. He has a favorite DVD collection that includes Star Trek and Jurassic Park films. He has a pile of books that he reads regularly. He absolutely adores our two spaniels and takes great care of them while I am at work in the mornings. And he loves to cook and eat, which unfortunately has gone a bit to his middle. Hiking this summer will help that. Please look for me over here at Blogger in the future. I hope to post about our adventures, and even some boring artsy/poetry/crafty stuff like I used to--as life returns to some sort of new normal.


Karen W (UK) said...

It's good to read that your lives are returning to normal. I hope Scott's progress continues and you can both enjoy yourselves again.

Anonymous said...

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