Sunday, June 25, 2006

Lush Hat put to Good Use

I am almost home! I think I will fly next time. It's been a long way. I am at my parents' today, picking up my bunny. Here is another knitting-related vacation pic. This is me at Mammoth Hot Springs. I am wearing a hat that I knit from Classic Elite Lush. The pattern comes from a knitting magazine that I purchased on a vacation five years ago. I didn't know how to knit at the time. Who knows why I bought it, but that magazine is what got me into knitting. The wind was so bad on the day this pic was taken that it actually blew the hat off my heaf a couple of times! On this hike, it sleeted on us. It was about 35 degrees! It wasn't very pleasant, but the storm made for some great pictures! Posted by Picasa


Zee said...

That is a great hat! I was wondering how cold it was, seeing your attire. Wow!

I'd love to visit Mammoth Hot Springs in the future, specially now that I know where I *won't* be traveling to again. ;)

Jenni, have you knitted anything else from that magazine?

Carrie K said...

That hat is great! What knitting mag was it?