Monday, June 12, 2006

Fishing at Dinosaur State Park--Day 1

I managed to find an Internet connection at a road side park in the panhandle of Texas (WOW!)

Here is a picture of my friend, Shelbie, and me. We are fishing on the river. I am holding up a sunfish that I caught on my fly rod. And she is showing off the minnow that she caught with her bare hands! Too bad that we discovered later that it was dead! No wonder she was able to catch it.

Well, gotta get back on the road!


Stephanie said...

I wish I was fishing today. I just did housework for five hours!! That water looks nice and cool to me about now.

Carrie K said...

But still, catching a fish with your hands? Pretty cool.

It looks beautiful where you are! Hope you're having fun.

Regina said...

Hi Jenni,
I'm your dyeorama pal and just wanted to send you a quick message that I received your wonderful, wonderful package ! Thank you so much for the lovely yarn and the book. I can't wait to start knitting. And the Texas Bluebonnets gave me such joy - what a great idea to include them .
I'm sorry to send such a public message, but my computer got fried in a thunderstorm and I have lost all my data, including email addresses. As soon as I have replaced the computer I will post some pictures of me opening your package. Until then, my heartfelt thanks for a terrific swap !