Thursday, May 25, 2006

KTC Project

I've been working on my Pride and Prejudice project for KTC. This is taking way longer than I expected. I am knitting the edging, which is from my practice Dye-o-rama skein. Do you see all the little yarn tails hanging down from the points. All of those will have to be weaved in. UGH! I think it is going to be really cute if it ever gets done. Posted by Picasa


Carrie K said...

It will be really cute! Too bad elves don't weave in ends.

Katie said...

That's such a cute little top! And WOW, that is certainly a lot of ends to weave...=)

BTW, Bobble Blue is looking awesome!

Becky said...

Nice colors. That will be a great topper this summer and fall.