Saturday, April 22, 2006

Spectrum Saturday

My Project Spectrum craft for the week is this cupcake from One Skein. I used part of a left over skein to make the yellow cake and some Lion Suede for the frosting. I added some rainbow sprinkles in the form of seed beads.

I am also working on a set of tab curtains for our dining area. I am real excited about them, but need to wait until I have a clear head before I begin sewing. The fabric is a peachy-red and the tabs and tie-backs are to be made out of yellow-gold grosgrain ribbon.

Wish me luck!


Carrie K said...

The cupcake is cute!

You don't need luck. You have skill. But just in case ;) Good luck.

Pretty fabric, btw!

Titine24 said...

Hi Jenni --

Best of luck to you on the dining room curtains! The colors look very festive. I made similar curtains for my basement troglodyte windows, and although we've moved, I cannot use the fabric (so far) for anything else -- they are my fabric "babies."

You are wise to wait to sew until you have a clear head. My mother always told me to never sew when I was in a bad mood. It always turns out wretchedly, and there is great possibility of injury to your fingers. That was experience speaking, unfortunately.

Post photos of them when you get the chance. Are you doing straightforward curtain rod pockets, or something more adventuresome?

Jenni said...

I learned that from my mom too. She always said that if you are tired, grumpy or making a lot of mistakes, to put your sewing away.

I am going to use a decorative cafe curtain rod. I haven't purchased it yet. I plan to look aroung this week.