Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Vacation Knitting

Here is the work that I've accomplished on Bobble Blue while on my vacation. I am really enjoying the knitting. It is pretty easy to keep track of the pattern and interesting enough that I haven't been getting bored.

I like the light blue yarn. It shows off the stitch pattern very well.

I am back from my vacation and I guess I need a vacation from my vacation, as they say. I am finally starting to feel rested. I hiked quite a bit, and since I have been working out pretty regularly, I was able to motor! I love hiking and it is even more fun when I am not out of breath. I thought I'd post a few vacation pictures over the next few days. This one was taken at Bryce Canyon on the Navajo Loop Trail. It looks cold, and I guess it was. But it wasn't too bad once we got moving.

The man in the picture is my father-in-law. He and my mother-in-law did all the hikes Scott and I did, albeit a little slower, but I was impressed with the way they can hike.

I finished The Life of Pi on my trip. I have lost a little sleep pondering its point. I suppose that could be a sign of a good book. I am not sure why it is "a story to make you believe in God". Perhaps it has to do with having enough faith to believe the improbable, but that seems weak. And I can't help but think there must be more to it. So I will have to ponder a little more--maybe I'll even cheat and read some commentaries.

I wasn't going to knit a project for this book, but nevertheless, I have started one despite myself. It is a tiger patterned pencil bag for my sketching pencils and pens. I will post a picture and let you know more about it. It is my own design.


Jennifer said...

Glad to see you back and that you had a good time. Bryce Canyon looks beautiful covered in snow.

Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

Your Bobble Blue is looking great! And, what a beautiful picture of the scenery of your vacation.

I'm glad you're getting rested. Enjoy your knitting and have a wonderful week and upcoming weekend.


Carrie K said...

That was about the best I could come with, on Life of Pi making you believe in God.

Wow, Bryce looks amazing in the snow.

Bonnie Belle looks great! Whoops, Bobble Blue.

Katie said...

Bobble Blue is looking great--that is a good yarn. I'm so happy you got to go to all these beautiful places and that you're back! Can't wait to see your pencil bag. Gotta love tiger stripes! =)

Paula said...

Your bobble blue looks so much better than the picture in the pattern! Your right! The color sets off the cable pattern wonderfully.

I am glad you had a nice time on your vacation. Such breath taking pictures of the canyon!

Okay I am so glad you are done with Pi and made the statement about how is it that the book is supposed to bring you closer to God. I have a lot of faith in God in my life and after reading and finishing that book my first thoughts were that was a book about a poor teenage boy who lost his entire life at sea in an instant and than watched his mother brutally murdered and had a psychotic breakdown where his mind splits and creates another being who is life threatening in order to psychosocially survive of the situation of being stranded at sea for over 200 days. For crying out loud the book reviewers are way off and should have promoted the book as a story that brings you as far from God as possible and makes you question our own humanity in society! I got the same sleepless nights to ponder the thoughts of the book when I finished it too. I know those are the signs of a good book that provokes great questions of thought process. 
LOL, but I did find Pi's love of God very wonderful and also humorous when he joined so many churches. Maybe that was what the cover of the book was getting at and the reviewers wanted us to think about? … Nah, your right that thought is weak too!

Zee said...

Bobble Blue is very pretty! I love the pattern. :)