Tuesday, March 07, 2006


It is beginning to be spring here in Texas. Here is one of the first signs (despite the fact that it is 80 degrees outside)--a hyacinth! This one comes up in my front yard every year. I am always so happy to see it.

Speaking of yards, some bloggers I know are taking a backyard field trip. I read about this on Katie's blog and haven't got a chance to post yet. The idea is to take a picture of your backyard and then post it on your blog, so your readers will be able to take a virtual field trip in cyberspace! Here's my backyard:

Not much to see. My husband and I built our own house (literally!) and we have never had much time to spend on the yard, because other things (like the roof) always took priority. Now we're tired.

Here is my finished skirt for Sew? I Knit. I needed to finish it this week, because we will be on vacation next week. And I may not be able to post. I wore it to work today and am quite happy with it although the picture of me could be better.


Jennifer said...

What a cute skirt!

Wow, you guys built your own house? I think RM and I would kill each other if we did that.

Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

Oh, I love the Hyacinth. They always have such a wonderful and sweet smell.

I am so impressed that you built your own house! Way to Go! : )

And, I love your skirt. It looks great on you.

Have a wonderful week!


Paula said...

I love the skirt! and it is a nice photo.

I can't believe you guys hit 80 degrees already. We are in the 60's this week with lots of rain so I am excited about all the spring bulbs comming up and the blooms on the trees!
Your hyacinth looks pretty, I bet it smells wonderful!

Carrie K said...

The skirt looks good and so do you. I love your yard! Look at all those trees! Built your own house? Awesome.

Katie said...

Very nice skirt. It kind of matches the tree you're next to. =)

Your yard looks like a nice place to knit. That's so cool you built your own house!

I love the hyacinth. You're good at pictures! =)

MA said...

I just read this and I must say the skirt is so wonderful and I love the whole ensemble. Very talented.

We have lillies in our yard that have started to poke through and bloom. I love when they come out but I wish the weather would stay cooler in Texas til Easter so we could have the new blooms then.