Sunday, March 26, 2006

Jeep Jamboree

I am back from the Jeep Jamboree. I will staying around for awhile now. Home is good.

The weekend was great, but unfortunately we were having camera problems. I will try to post some better pics soon. I did a lot of the driving, since Scott was spotting others on the trail. Some of the people on the trail were not used to seeing a girl like me behind the wheel. There was lots of cheeing as I went over the various obstacles. I felt like I was a celebrity, especially when total strangers were cheering my name. It was fun, but unfortunately I did not get as much knitting done as I would have liked.

I am hoping to finish my red Best Friend Jacket for Project Spectrum this week. I've started my tiger tweed pencil tote for The Life of Pi. (Orange...for April's Project Spectrum) Pictures are coming soon.

Over the weekend I finished reading The Red Badge of Courage. This is a great book. I hope my students like it as much as I did.


Jennifer said...

Red Badge of Courage is a very good book. What do you teach?

Esther said...

What do you teach?? I love the poetry you post and from your swap package the books in there are great! I read The Bone Collector and love it - the other is on my "to read" list.