Saturday, March 04, 2006

Book Swap Questionaire

Here is KTC questionaire for the April Fool's Mystery Book Swap!

1. What is your favorite type of yarn/fibers? Alpaca, wool, angora
2. Any yarns/fibers you absolutely hate? acrylic
3. Any type that you would love to try but haven't yet? bamboo, soy, linen, hemp
4. Any yarn allergies or sensitivities? no
5. Favorite colors? blues, pinks, corals, lavenders
6. Favorite type of thing to knit: socks, lace, fair isle etc. lace, cables
7. Any knitting tools you would love to have? sheep tape measure, cool stitch markers, Row Counter Plus, circular kneedle id tags, knitting journal
8. Favorite tools you already have? u-shaped cable needles
9. Favorite knitting designer? Jean Moss, Nancy Bush
10. Favorite knitting book? The Knitting Experience by Sally Melville
11. Any knitting books you would like? Jean Moss's Sculptured Knits, Jean Frost Jackets, Color Wheel and Color Book from Knit Picks, Folk Shawls

1. Favorite foods/flavors? strawberries, pineapple, coconut
2. Foods/favors you dislike? none (except, maybe, oysters)
3. Any food allergies? none
4. Do you like tea or coffee? YES! especially coffee!

1. Favorite genre? short stories, plays, poetry (sorry I can't pick)
2. Favorite authors? Hawthorne, Gerard Manly Hopkins, Shakespeare, Zane Grey (this is my escape author)
3. Top three favorite books? Hawthorne Short Stories, Wuthering Heights, Othello
4. Anything you dislike to read? not really, I don't read books off the best seller list very often.
5. Do you like to listen to audiobooks? Cassette, cd or mp3 format? YES! mp3 (I just got an I-Pod Shuffle!)

1. Other hobbies besides knitting? fly fishing, sewing, canoeing, growing roses
2. Do you collect anything? tea cups, saucers, and tea pots
3. Favorite scent? apple spice, roses
4. Any scent you dislike or are allergic to? none
5. Music that you like or dislike? I don't like pop music and rap. I grew up in the 80's. I like U2, Elton John, Billy Joel, and The Beatles, and Texas-style country music

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Stephanie said...

This is kind of fun. I'm getting to know some KTCers a bit better. :)