Wednesday, January 04, 2006

First Day With Students

The first day back to school was murder. By the end of 6th period I developed a pretty serious headache--the kind that affects only one side of my head...usually developing into a migraine if I don't stop it in time. I guess I'm not used to all the stimulus and will have to adapt. I am reading Mrs. Dalloway for KTC. The first few pages blew my mind, due to the stream of consciousness style, but I got into it pretty quickly. I like how the perspective changes from one character to the next with no warning. I've been trying to think of some project ideas to go along with the novel. At first I thought some gloves might work. The current issue of Knitter's has a great pattern. And then when Woolf took me into the tortured mind of Septimus, I wondered if knitting something for a soldier might be in order. There is a group of knitters that knit objects for soldiers called Sniper Cozies. However, Clarissa does seem pretty obsessed with flowers and I need a bouquet for our upstairs bedroom, so I went seaching the Showers of Flowers website for a project I remember seeing--a knitted bouquet of flowers. The only problem is the price. It is $60. It doesn't seem worth it for something so frivolous. So, I guess I will keep reading and see what hits me.

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ttbookjunkie said...

Wow $60 does seem too much! I think the solider knits is a good idea for the book.

Cannot wait to see what you picked.