Friday, January 13, 2006

1920's knits

Here is another pattern to go along with Mrs. Dalloway: The Erte Cloche (I can't stop looking) . It is on this great website that I have never seen before: I probably won't make it anytime soon, but if I post it here, I'll be able to find it later.


chittavrtti said...

wow! Have you ever looked at Erte's actual costume designs? Apparently they were all constructed in such a way that you only needed geometric shapes. Somewhat like a sari is a very long rectangle. I can look at his fashions for hours***CV

Jenni said...

No...that is so cool! I'll have to do surfing.

ttbookjunkie said...

I love that hat. That is a good Mrs. Dalloway project.


Chittavrtti Erte's costume design sounds awesome!

knitannie said...

Love that hat. I made the
Nautilus hat
for a friend (but neglected to take a pic of it). It was such a fun knit and turned out really well.

Whit said...

Being on a cloche kick I do have to comment on how BEAUTIFUL that is!

Purl said...

That's beautiful! I found you from Knit the Classics. I was going to do a washcloth or bookmark because I'm running out of time. But the har is gorgeous.

I'm in Houston, but was in Bastrop in early December. It's gorgeous! I went to college in San Antonio, so I have many happy memories from Austin.