Saturday, November 05, 2005

Wardrobe Capsule

I found this information below on a fashion link. Coming up with the clothing pieces is harder than it seems. To really get this to work, you really have to be careful with your selection. I just ordered a suit from Boden. I got the skirt the other day and it loooks great. I hope the jacket works out okay. It is backordered. "Basic Wardrobe Capsule Building a "Basic Wardrobe Capsule" allows you to spend more money on the key pieces that comprise your wardrobe and also allows you endless combinations. It also makes it easy to pack and travel. Your basic capsule should meet your life style needs and should include, at a minimum, the items listed below: Two Basic Outfits. These should be 2-piece outfits that interchange. If you wear business suits, these should be two suits that interchange, one patterned and one solid. If your lifestyle is more casual these should still be top and bottom sets. One Pair of Pants (if you selected pants for the Basic Outfits, this should be a skirt). This should match the Tops for both Basic Outfits. Six Blouses or Four Blouses and Two Sweaters 1. One White in a simple style 2. One Solid to coordinate with the solid outfit and with the patterned outfit 3. One Print to coordinate in a simple style 4. One Solid color, dressy style 5. Two more to coordinate (a sweater will also work as both a blouse and another jacket) Two dresses, one 2-piece print to work with the Basic Outfit, and one with long sleeves in a simple style (can also be a 2-piece dress) that can be accessorized for evening. Eveningwear - After 5 Pants, Skirt or Dress in a Basic Color. With these basic pieces (15-16 pieces) you can wear them in different ways to create about 50 outfits. Select neutral colors that you can wear well: black, brown, navy, gray, green, camel, etc. Since you'll be wearing these pieces in a variety of ways you don't want anything too distinctive (or memorable). By basing your capsule on a neutral, you can add a variety of "brights" to accent your look. After you've assembled the basic pieces, you may want to add an additional skirt or pants (that will still coordinate with the Tops of your Basic Outfits) and additional blouses for more variety. Select colors that look good on you (just because it's in the stores doesn't mean YOU should wear it). If you live in a moderate climate or your climate is relatively the same all year around with minor variations, select fabrics that are at least three seasonal. If your climate is dramatically different, you'll need to develop cold weather and warm weather capsules. In this case, many of the pieces can interchange, but your Basic Outfits should be different to accommodate the seasons. By:AFE Cosmetics & Skincare/A Fashion Experience. BeLinda "


hieromante said...

So - first, I checked out your blog because it was called Alum Creek, thinking it might be the one near me. But you're in a comPLETEly different state.

I saw this post though about the Wardrobe Capsule and you're right, it really was hard to think of what I had that qualified. I realized that I would exponentially improve my work wear with a few more basic pieces, and I can ALWAYS use another reason to go thrifting! ;)

So thanks for posting about it. I feel much better 'drobed now. :D

Jenni said...

You're welcome. I love shopping for clothes and trying to maximize my wardrobe with a few pieces. I've done pretty well...but it really is hard and everytime I get a piece that doesn't fit perfectly with every other one, I feel like I blew it...even if it is a great piece.